I’ve been photo shooting using a DSLR and a strobe lights for more than a decade. With a camera like DSLR that uses optical viewfinder, shooting in faster shutter speed, high aperture and lowest ISO setting possible will not affect what you see through your viewfinder. With mirrorless cameras  this could be a problem if your not familiar with it yet.

I acquire my second mirrorless camera which is the Sony A7r ii and finally decided to use it for the first time for a photoshoot using a strobe light. This kind of camera has an electronic viewfinder which means you can have a preview already of what your image will become based on your camera settings. This is good when you’re shooting with ambient lights but with strobe lights this is not going to work. Setting your camera based on the power output of your strobes will just give you a dark preview if now completely black image through your viewfinder which is impossible for a photographer to compose, focus, frame etc. his shots.

There is a way to use a mirrorless camera with a strobe lights and I was able to find a solution on this on my video.