There are multiple ways and technique to do a dodge and burn on your image in photoshop. Some are longer and more advanced and has a better result, some are easier to do but with ok result and there’s a faster and easy way and has a professional and better result on your photos. One them is by creating a neutral gray layer and using a brush tool with white color for dodging and black color for burning. I find this technique  more effective and matches my style of photography better which I used most of the time on my images. I love how it creates a better depth on my image and add 3 dimensionality to it without being destructive with my original layer.

By having a seperate layer to do the dodge and burn, I always have the control of the intensity of the dodging and burning of my image which makes my retouching more flexible on the style that i would like to achieve.

Here’s the video on how I usually use this technique to achieve this photoshop editing technique.

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